Financial Protection for Agricultural Needs for Your Farm or Ranch

Neshobe Falls Insurance offers a suite of farm insurance policies that are perfect for ranches and small and large farms. Since no two farms are identical, it is important that you have ultimate flexibility when it comes to your policy. We offer several levels of farmers insurance to accommodate everyone’s unique budgets and demands.

Our Ranch and Farm Insurance Policies Include:

  • Basic Farmers Insurance: This is the most affordable option. It covers the residence and personal property in a limited number of circumstances.
  • Broad Form Farmers Insurance: A step up from our basic policy, this plan protects against more perils against your home and assets.
  • Special Form Farmers Insurance: The most comprehensive protection we offer, this policy covers your home and related private structures against direct physical loss.
  • Renters Farmers Insurance: If you lease your farm, this policy may be for you.
  • Farm Personal Liability Insurance: This policy protects you against claims arisen from your property and activities conducted on it. Basic limits are $100K, which covers medical payments to non-insured parties. Higher limits and umbrella liability are also available.
  • Farm Building Insurance: Our customers can elect to add extra protection by adding endorsements to their policies. Building and claim history credits are available for heightened risks.
  • Livestock Insurance: Our flexible policies can protect what may be the lifeblood of your farming operations.
  • Farming Equipment Insurance: Replacing damaged or stolen farm equipment can get extremely expensive. Protect yourself.

We invite you to consult with one of our Agricultural advisors to learn more about your Agricultural options.