Homeowners Insurance Protects Your Biggest Investment

The most comprehensive homeowners’ insurance policy is a package policy designed to do three things. First to provide financial protection if your home is damaged, second to provide replacement or repair of the possessions in your home if they are damaged or stolen, and finally to protect you against legal liability from accidents that happen in your home or on your property.

A typical homeowners insurance policy usually has some coverage exceptions. The most significant exceptions are damage caused by floods, earthquakes, and neglect or poor maintenance. Coverage for flood or earthquake damage requires you to purchase two separate policies one for floods and one for earthquakes. Damage caused by maintenance related problems are the homeowners’ financial responsibility.

It’s essential to fully understand your Homeowners’ insurance policy, its coverage, its conditions, and its exclusions.

Homeowners Insurance is about financially protecting yourself against the unexpected.

Protecting your investment can give you financial security. As your investment grows, you want to be sure the coverage you purchase will meet your changing needs.

You do not want any surprises when you file a claim. You want financial restitution for a covered loss that you have been paying a premium for. Having a local independent insurance advisor who will explain your options and what is and is not covered, can put you in a favorable financial position when a claim occurs.

Valuable personal property should be scheduled separately on your policy.

The traditional homeowners’ insurance contract places a limit on the amount a company will pay for loss of some types of valuable personal property, such as jewelry, guns, art, collectibles, coins, etc. Scheduling the items separately on the homeowners’ policy will provide, the broadest financial protection.

We invite you to consult with one of our home insurance advisors to learn more about your Homeowners’ insurance options!